The World of Chester

Here is Chester playing with his catnip pillow and relaxing on his catnip bed that I brought home from the pet sitting conference, C6. I found that the best way to be forgiven for going away on your cat is to outbid everyone else on a cat basket full of cat goodies!
At first glance you would think Chester was like any other cat. Here he is curled up sleeping on the bed. Ooops. He heard the camera clicking and woke up!
But have you ever seen a cat sleep with his legs all squished up under him like this and his face smushed into the bed? Or stretched out like this?
He reminds me of a seahorse in this picture. He can be walking across the livingroom and just stop in midstride with legs stretched behind him and go right to sleep.
We swear he must be double-jointed or part bunny or something!
He loves to hang out on top of the woodstove pipe. He is forever sitting on my copier/printer and hitting the buttons and making his own copies and watching them come out! I would say this is all by accident but he does it just a litle too frequently for me to believe that!
He also always steals the computer from me whenever I get up for a minute! He loves to read the pet sitting list.
He just never sleeps in a "normal" position. His legs are either back or crossed.
Or curled up under him. Sometimes after he washes he forgets to put his leg down and just leaves it stuck up there. He'll stay like that for 5-10 minutes!
What happened here? Did someone suddenly shoot him and his face just dropped straight down??
Usually he doesn't mind me taking pictures. Sometimes I wake him up though. If you look at his front left leg in these pictures it is stuck way back. It doesn't look comfortable to me!
Think he's telling me that he's sick of me taking his picture?? Yup, I'd like to sleep on top of the Playstation control box and a pile of papers, too. It looks very comfortable.
Chester also loves boxes! You would think he'd hate them after being dumped off in one but if there is a box to be found Chester will be in it. I think he thinks he actually fits in this first one. The second picture is of the "fireplace" box we had one long, cold winter. We think Chester got a bad case of the winter blues because he was depressed and kind of stircrazy being cooped up inside. He spent ages in this box slowly biting off pieces of cardboard and then spitting them - that's right - spitting them out onto the rug. You can see some on the right side of the picture.

Chester doesn't even know how to sleep in cat bed's properly! Truly he is the most unique cat I have ever had the pleasure to live with. He cracks me up every day. Oh - one other thing. He has the most expressive tail. It's always moving. He loves to play keep away with it. When I'm on the computer he will sit above me and dangle it down in my way and waits for me to try and grab it before he swishes it away! If you catch it but don't let go quick enough he will bite you! When he walks he normally holds it up very straight and proud. When he's sick you can always tell by his tail. It looks broken. It will start to go up but then just droop.

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