More local services coming soon

Fitchburg Farm & Garden - A great local place to buy pet food and supplies.

Dave's Soda & Pets - a fantastic store in Hadley that has tons of great food, treats and supplies.

A wonderful new service is now available in our area! Michelle Bianco, D.V.M. has now opened the Mid-State Mobile Veterinary Clinic! She offers complete veterinary care right at your own home with her full service veterinary clinic on wheels. For more information please check out her website.

Recommended Training Centers

Gemini Dog Training

Masterpeace Dog Training

A pet sitter right here in Massachusetts, Janet Depathy, owner of "Under My Wings" in Plymouth, has started a wonderful new program called Wishbones For Pets. Wishbones For Pets is for pet sitters all over the world to raise money and collect food and other needed supplies for local animal shelters. This will be taking place right before Thanksgiving and the pet sitters are hoping this will soon become for pets, what Toys for Tots at Christmas time has become for children. Please help those in need. Thank you!