Here Are Some Pictures Of My Babies

This is my German Shepherd Dog, Xena. She is the love of my life. She is really smart and learned how to open the front door on her own so then I had to teach her how to shut it. Click here to see her in action.
Here are some pictures of her when she was a puppy on the pontoon boat while on vacation.
Here is Hercules. He's a Maine Coon cat. On the left is his baby picture and then on the right how he looked at 1 year old.
This is Cooper and Chester, my daughter Colleen's 2 cats, sharing a Trivial Pursuit box. Both were cats that were left abandoned at the animal hospital that I worked at. Click on Chester's picture to enter "The World of Chester!"
Here is another picture of Cooper and another one of Chester. Chester is a really strange cat. Click on his picture to see why I say that.
This huge orange cat is Bailey. I adopted him from the Gardner Animal Hospital. He had been adopted out a few times before I found him but kept being brought back. Let's just say he has a cranky personality sometimes - well ok, almost always. He has become my best friend. He has so much personality and keeps me on my toes - literally when he's biting my bare ankles! .
This is my Bailey again. He has the most unique way for sitting. He faces the back of the chair and climbs up it then sticks a nail in to steady himself while he turns and sits like a person. He loves playing hide and seek with me around the house. We love jumping out and surprising each other.
This is Jake. We got him from the Pat Brody Shelter. He likes to stretch and roll in the sun. He officially belongs to my son, Derek, who is away at college and Jake misses his boy very much.
This is Nala. She is a feral cat that came to me with her 4 kittens for fostering. I worked with the kittens and they went back to the Pat Brody shelter to be adopted but the mom was so feral I knew she would never get adopted so we kept her. She got outside one day and I thought she was gone for good but she came back on her own 5 minutes later and now happily coexists with us but she still can not be picked up and patted. Well she can... but she is stiff as a board and terrified the whole time even though she has been treated with nothing but kindness and gentleness for over 10 years now. We love her just as she is.


On March 31st, 2005 I had to put my dog and dear friend to sleep. I've made a memorial page for my Murphy.

Murphy was the sweetest, most loving dog. She was a yellow lab and we had her for 11 and 1/2 years until she died of a brain tumor in March 2005. Murphy loved all the cats (except for Bailey because Bailey whacks him). The others all loved to rub against Murphy and even sleep with her. She was Nala's best friend.
Here's Pawsy curled up sleeping in his bed and then outside exploring in the grass. Pawsy was a real outdoor kitty. Even in the worst snowstorms he would keep screaming at the door to go out. You would find him curled up in a ball covered with snow. He hated being inside. He always even smelled like the fresh outdoors, even often smelling like wood smoke. He had a really loud raspy purr that always healed any physical or mental ailments I might have. I loved this cat something fierce. He died in the fall of 2002 and I'll forever miss him.
This is a wonderful cat we used to have named Buddy. We miss him deeply.
Here is a cat we used to have that died many years ago. My daughter named him when she was 2 and we thought she named him Precious but she soon corrected us that it was Frecious. We nicknamed him Freshy as it seemed more fitting. He was one of 3 brother and sister kitties that we fostered and we could never part with Freshy. He actually loved playing dolls and dress up with the kids. He was always climbing around in doll houses.

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