Keeping Your Pets Safe

The Dangers of "Greenies"

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Cocoa Mulch

Cocoa mulch, commonly used in gradens and landscaping, contains theobromine, the ingredient in chocolate that is harmful to dogs. Studies show that 505 of dogs ingesting this will show symptoms. Most dogs won't eat it but the chocolate odor does make it enticing to some dogs. If you have dogs that tend to get into stuff like this, it is best to not take a chance and use a different kind of mulch.

Collar Caution

A while back there was an incident of a dog being choked to death at a dog park in Sanford, FL. The dog was wearing a choke collar and was happily playing with another dog. The other dog's lower jaw became entangled in the collar. As the dogs tried to get undone, the collar became more twisted until the dog began to choke to death. Human counterparts tried to free the dogs but to no avail. By the time a pair of wire cutters were found, it was too late and the dog had been strangled to death.

The culprit here is not the type of collar. Similar incidents have been reported with all kinds of collars, even the regular nylon buckle collars. What happens is while the dogs are playing they commonly grab each others collars. They often tumble and roll over. The dog wearing the collar is choked while the collar is twisted around the other dog's jaw. This exact scenario did happen with one of my client's two dogs and I was told it was very scary and could have been life threatening but luckily my clients were right there when it happened and were eventually able to get them apart.

There have also been incidents of dogs being caught and strangled by their collars while in their crates. This is especially important if dogs are wearing an ID or rabies tag but can happen on occasion even without any tags. Please think about removing your dog's collars when in these situations or if left unsupervised. Instead of collars for ID purposes, it is best to have them microchipped or tattoed.