Services Offered

Pet Sitting Service

Donna's Pet Sitting offers professional care for your pet(s) while you go on vacation or a business trip. You no longer need to worry about what to do with your pet while you are gone. I offer peace of mind pet sitting services that cater to you and your pet's needs. I will come to your home between one and three times a day and take care of your pet according to your instructions. I will feed them, give them fresh water, scoop litter boxes, take dogs for walks or out for playtime in your yard, I will clean up after them, give any medications and most importantly shower them with love and affection. If time permits and pets enjoy it I may do some light grooming. I will also bring in your mail and newspaper, take your trash to the curb, alter lights and drapes and water a few indoor or outdoor plants. Extensive watering of plants can be arranged for an additional fee.

How many times a day I come to your home depends upon you and your pet. All dogs, even outdoor dogs, must be seen at least twice a day for vacation sitting. Some dogs only need 2 visits a day especially if they have access to the outside or are used to being left alone for a good part of the day. Most dogs do best with 3x a day visits. Any crated dog must receive 3 visits a day for vacation care. Occasionally due to illness or a very young age, a dog might need 4 visits a day. Most cats do well with one or two visits a day depending on their feeding schedule and how much attention they need. Every pet must be seen at least once every day. I don't do every other day care.

Types of Pets

Donna's Pet Sitting accepts dogs, cats, chickens, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, and rabbits. I like to care for pets that are considered family members and that are treated as such. I do not accept outdoor only dogs. I believe dogs belong inside with their families and I'm uncomfortable caring for dogs who are kept outside all the time especially if they are chained or kept in a pen.

I am no longer accepting diabetic cats or dogs.

I don't have experience with birds or reptiles and I'm not comfortable sitting for them. Due to old back injury flare-ups, I am no longer accepting farm animals with any cleaning or lifting required.

Donna's Pet Sitting only covers Ashburnham, MA and a very small section of Westminster. Please check my area map.

Note: I am available to go on visits from 7:00AM until 8:00 PM. I do not offer staying overnight.

I can not guarantee specific times. You can give me a preferred time and I will take that into consideration when I make up my daily schedule and try to go within a 2 hour window (one hour before to one hour after) if at all possible. Timing depends upon what types of pets I am taking care of, the location of each sit, any pets on medication, the weather, how previous sits go and any personal obligations that I may have. I am always very aware of how long it's been since my last visit or when you left home and will juggle my schedule to make sure your pet won't be uncomfortable while waiting.

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