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Donna's Pet Sitting believes in positive training methods. A long time ago I did use choke collars and corrections to train my dogs. That was the accepted training technique at the time and was taught in most training classes. Since that time better training methods have come to light. These new methods are more humane, work great and make for a happy dog and owner. One positive way to train is clicker training. (A clicker is a very small gadget that simply makes a click-click noise.) Originally I avoided it as it seemed kind of weird and complicated and I was thinking I had to carry a clicker everywhere. I finally tried an obedience class that used the clicker and I loved it. I was amazed at how fast my dog learned and how much fun we both had. I'm a total convert. You don't have to use a clicker to use positive training methods though. Here is a website that gives a wonderful overview of the different kinds of training methods (traditional, positive. mixed and ethology). Every dog owner should read it and understand the difference. I have put together a great list of books on the book suggestion page that I also feel are really worth reading.

Excellent article

This article offers a great overview of many of the latest misconceptions of dog training that many people now have due to the popularity of some television shows.

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But I Saw It On TV

I am not a fan of Cesar Milan of the TV show "The Dog Whisperer". Here are a couple of articles that mirror my thoughts.

Talk Softly and Carry a Carrot or a Big Stick? SPCA article

The Anti-Cesar Millan - Ian Dunbar's been succeeding for 25 years

Pack of Lies a NY Times article

If you can't get the above article at the link above, I have copied and pasted it here

Great Website with Training Level Checkoff List to Complete

Dragonfly Training Levels - Wonderful info on training levels to complete and articles on dominance etc.