Favorite Pet Treats

Not only should you be careful about the food you feed your pets but you should choose their treats carefully too. Many treats are total junk food loaded with preservatives, sugar, food colors and additives. You should look for treats made with all natural ingredients. Listed below are some of my favorite dog treats (and my dog Xena totally agress!) and where you can purchase them.

The following can be found locally at Petco:

Chicken Nibbles

Charlee Bear Treats

Freeze Dried Beef Liver Treats

Organix Dog Cookies

Chicken Strips

Eagle Pack Holistix Biscuits

Newman's Own Organic Dog Treats

Natural Balance Roll-A-Rounds

Natural Balance Potato & Duck Treats

Solid Gold L.A. Treats

Solid Gold Tiny Tots

Old Mother Hubbard Dog Biscuits

The treats below can be bought online or at Dave's Soda & Pets in Hadley or Pethingz in Littleton or Especially For Pets in Acton

Dogswell Treats

Merrick Beef Filet Squares

Merrick Lamb Filet Squares

Merrick Beef Training Treats

Merrick Turkey Steak Patties

Lots of good treats from Sitstay.com

The following are treats I would try to stay away from: Beggin' Strips, Pupperoni, Snausages, Canine Carryouts, rawhide, Ol' Roy products, and Greenies. See related link on the dangers of Greenies. I did see they have a new version of Greenies out that may not present the same hazards but I wouldn't rush to buy them until they've been out a while.

Click here to read about potential problems with "Greenies"