You're going away??!?!
But what about me?!?!?!
While a kennel can work out very well for some dogs and other dogs and cats may do best staying at a veterinarian's due to medical problems, some dogs and almost all cats get very stressed out when they are left away from home. They feel abandoned. They miss their owners and the familiar sights, sounds and smells of their home. Cats can be overwhelmed by the loud barking of nearby dogs.
Some pets, especially shy, nervous ones, can be traumatized by being left in a strange place. Older pets can have a hard time adapting. Some get depressed and lose their appetites. Often it takes them a while to adjust when they get back home.
Some pets would much rather wait for you in the security of their own home and have a pet sitter come by as often as you wish and give fresh water, food and any medications to your pet(s).
Though you yourself will be away, your pet will still be around their own home with comforting smells of you. They can kick back and relax with no stress while you are gone.

They can sleep soundly in their favorite spots.

They can curl up and take a little cat nap in the peace and quiet of their normal, everyday surroundings.

Or stretch out and take a nap on your bed.
Or maybe they prefer to watch some TV.
They will follow their own diet and routine. They will get lots of personalized, loving attention. Appetite and behavior will be monitored for any signs of illness and you will either be called or in the case of an emergency the pet will be taken to the vets. Free daily e-mail updates are available and calls to check on a pet are always welcome.

They will eat their own lipsmacking good food in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

And be watched over to be sure they stay clean.
They will get one on one attention from me when I come to visit. Cats will get cuddle time and have their necks scratched if they like or even have some play time. There will be no worries for you about imposing on a friend or relative or wondering if the neighborhood kid will remember to come. I'm a professional pet sitter and very dependable and I love what I do!

I have a collection of favorite cat toys like the laser light that I bring with me for the playful kitties.
Dogs will get lots of hugs and kisses and either go for a walk or play some ball or frisbee in their yard.
I will find out their favorite activities and routines and try to stick to them so your dog feels more secure in your absence. I will leave a brief "pet note" at your home each day after my visit.
They will get to play outside and get some fresh air both summer and winter. Hmmm, which is it here???
Puppies get frequent potty breaks to help in house training and lots of time to run off some of that puppy energy.
No more rushing home to pick up your pet before the kennel closes or waiting until the next morning to see them and having to pay for that extra night.
Your pets will be right there waiting to greet you!!
Doesn't your pet deserve the luxury of staying home with their own private attendant looking after their every want and need?

Another added bonus of using a pet sitter is that your house will not appear as if you are away. This can be a great crime deterrent. I will bring in your mail and newspapers and take your trash to the curbside on trash day. I can alternate blinds and lights and check the heat or A/C. I will do a brief security walk through making sure nothing is amiss. I can also water a few plants though I don't claim to have a green thumb. Extensive watering is available for an extra charge.

I received this picture in e-mail and my first thought was "Yet another good reason to have a pet sitter!" :o) Now you know why I ask where your water shut off valve is.